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Makeup Artistry Program in San Jose and San Francisco, California

Step into the exciting world of makeup artist school, where you can explore your creativity and passion. At Cinta Aveda Institute’s two campuses – located in San Jose and San Francisco, California – students learn the skills, techniques, and aesthetics that can take them on many rewarding career paths. Our program educators and staff will help you learn from two of the most respected names in the beauty industry – Aveda and Make-Up Designory – to become a certified makeup professional qualified to work with movie stars, new brides, fashion designers, and many others.

Aveda Products and Network

As the only Aveda-affiliated institute in northern California, Cinta Aveda Institute is part of a large educational network that features Aveda products. These products are made with pure plant essences and a dedication to sustainability. Graduates of our makeup artist school are positioned to flourish with their connections to a worldwide network of teachers, students, salons, spas, stores, and institutes.

Make-Up Designory

Cinta Aveda Institute’s partnership with Make-Up Designory provides our students with top-notch instruction in techniques and product knowledge used throughout the entertainment and fashion industries.

Categories of Makeup Artistry Taught at Cinta Aveda Institute:

  • Editorial: Consists of fashion makeup techniques used in print, billboards, and advertising.
  • Bridal: Includes consulting with brides, bridal parties, and family members to create makeup looks for wedding celebrations.
  • Theatrical: A demanding and varied makeup field that includes movies, stage, circus, fashion, and other performance artists.
  • Media: Teaches how to use makeup for television, education, film, social media, and news outlets.
  • Clinical: The basic study for all makeup curriculums where students learn about skin, skincare, skin types, cleansing, and application techniques.

Makeup Artistry Education in California

At Cinta Aveda Institute, students learn to become leaders in the beauty industry. Our educators and staff encourage students to keep learning, experimenting and pushing the limits of creativity at our makeup artist school. In keeping with the Aveda philosophy, we focus on gaining knowledge of the plants and other ingredients used in products, as well as environmental sustainability in production and packaging.

We offer flexible, custom day and night schedules at both California campuses in the makeup artist school at Cinta Aveda Institute. Full-time and part-time students learn in lectures, attend demonstrations, and are assigned lab work and other homework. You will be well-grounded in theory and will receive plenty of practical, hands-on experience. Supervised by licensed professionals, you can hone your makeup artistry at the student salon and spa by applying makeup to customers and even giving makeup lessons!

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Advanced Makeup Training

For students who want a refresher course or those who want to take their skills and certification to the next level, Cinta Aveda Institute offers advanced makeup training. There are three main categories of study:

  • Beauty essentials: This includes facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours, highlights, and best ways to focus on the eyes and lips. The makeup program concludes with applications that are 100 percent corrective, as well as natural makeup techniques.
  • Airbrush makeup: Learn how to use and maintain this important tool properly. These techniques for applying flawless makeup are in-demand with major studios and celebrity clients.
  • Bridal makeup: There are important techniques to learn if you want to consult with bridal parties and family members. Wedding makeup is an exciting, profitable field for students, especially if you want to run your own business.
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Students enjoy learning in our state-of-the-art downtown beauty schools in San Jose and San Francisco, California. If you love makeup and want an exciting career in the entertainment, fashion, or beauty industries, you’ve found it! The makeup artistry program at Cinta Aveda Institute grounds students in the basics and then layers on the specific knowledge and techniques needed for top-notch careers. Our educators and staff are seasoned professionals who understand the training and networking required for careers in makeup artistry. Get started today with your new makeup career at Cinta Aveda Institute!

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David Adams
Global Technical Director, Aveda
Aveda Education is all about you, your passion, creativity, and business excellence. We believe in inspiring you to integrate fashion, beauty, and wellness into your life.
Charlene Stratton
Owner, Artbeat Salon & Gallery
In my experience, the Aveda Institute graduates are far better prepared for the salon environment. They come to the salon with a high level of confidence, outstanding customer service skills and extensive product knowledge already in place.
Marjorie Livingstone
Owner, Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa
Hiring students from the Aveda Institute makes it easier on me as an owner because I don’t have to spend as much time, energy and money retraining them on the Aveda methodology. They come prepared already knowing product knowledge and the Aveda signature spa services.
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