Esthetician School in Northern California

Beauty is an aspect of our overall health and wellness. By learning how to care for skin, estheticians encourage the adoption of beneficial routines and well-formulated products to improve appearance and increase self-confidence. If you’re interested in becoming a skincare professional, attend esthetician school at Aveda Institute in Northern California. Cinta Aveda Institute has campus locations in both San Francisco and San Jose, where you’ll receive the education and hands-on experience needed to embark on a rewarding career path.

Esthetician School Program Overview

Through a combination of classroom teaching and mentorship, students at Cinta Aveda Institute learn the basics of skincare. This includes the following:

  • Dermanalysis to determine skin type
  • Facial massage and fundamentals
  • Hair removal
  • Makeup application
  • Product knowledge

Students have opportunities to apply this training and refine their skills in a professional setting. As part of our program, students work under supervision in the salon and spa clinics located at Cinta Aveda Institute.


Vegan & Cruelty-Free Products

Our affiliation with Aveda Institutes around the world, and our reliance on Aveda products, places Cinta Aveda Institute at the intersection of modern science, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, and momentous ecological concerns. Using formulations with powerful plant essences, we teach our students a holistic approach to skincare. Faculty, students, and clients prefer our premium products, which are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged for waste reduction.


What Will You Learn In Esthetician School

At Cinta Aveda Institute, students learn how to evaluate skin types and how to treat them optimally with facials and other techniques. They learn how to use modern equipment and natural products to improve the look and texture of the skin, as well as the holistic wellness of each individual client.

With studies in anatomy, histology, and safety, Cinta Aveda Institute students are prepared for hands-on experiences serving clients in our student salon and spa. Work performed with clients in the spa is overseen by faculty mentors who teach and guide students as they develop confidence, technique, and knowledge in our esthetician school.


Career-focused Education

Students who successfully complete these aspects of the esthetician program are qualified to take the Cinta Aveda Institute skill certification examination. Additionally, these students will take the written examination required by both the State of California for licensure and the Cinta Aveda Institute for graduation.

As students in our esthetician school make progress in developing their skills and knowledge, Cinta Aveda Institute assists them with resume writing, interviewing techniques, and other support services to help start their career. Our students also take advantage of the Aveda network of spas and salons, where their training, skills, and familiarity with Aveda products are highly valued by industry leaders.


Advanced Training For Estheticians

For students who want to extend their training and gain additional certification, Cinta Aveda Institute offers Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO). In addition to esthetician school, this program includes coursework in the following areas:

  • Massage
  • Manicuring
  • Beauty therapy

As an international standard for spa and beauty certification, this level can be compared to a college master’s degree and is conferred on students who have logged 1,200 hours of instruction and sit for the international examination.

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What Will You Be When You Graduate?

  • Esthetician
  • Make-up Artist
  • Product Sales Representative
  • Salon/Spa Manager
  • Salon/Spa Owner
  • Esthetics Instructor
  • State Board Member or Inspector
  • Educational Director for a Product Manufacturer
  • Consultant/Trainer
  • Paramedical Esthetician
  • Freelance Make-up Artist
  • Make-up Artist for Film, Theater, Fashion or Print
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Career Opportunities for Estheticians

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections, there will be about 10,100 openings for skin care specialists each year between 2020 and 2030. With a growing number of men and women who demand skincare services, employment is robust. What’s more, many estheticians enjoy flexible hours since salons and spas serve clients during evening and weekend hours.

If you have a passion for beauty and wellness, are customer-service oriented, enjoy sharpening your business skills and initiative, and keep a clean and tidy workspace, a skincare career may be for you. Many entrepreneurs look forward to opening their own salon, as well.


Apply for Esthetician School in Northern California

Follow your passions for beauty and wellness — help clients care for their skin, improve their looks, and achieve a higher degree of health using Aveda techniques and products. Cinta Aveda Institute is an extraordinary beauty school where you will receive expert training from passionate educators. With campuses in both San Francisco and San Jose, CA, our students can choose where to gain experience in their new, exciting journey. Apply for admission to our esthetician school today.

Offered at both of our Campuses


David Adams
Global Technical Director, Aveda
Aveda Education is all about you, your passion, creativity, and business excellence. We believe in inspiring you to integrate fashion, beauty, and wellness into your life.
Charlene Stratton
Owner, Artbeat Salon & Gallery
In my experience, the Aveda Institute graduates are far better prepared for the salon environment. They come to the salon with a high level of confidence, outstanding customer service skills and extensive product knowledge already in place.
Marjorie Livingstone
Owner, Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa
Hiring students from the Aveda Institute makes it easier on me as an owner because I don’t have to spend as much time, energy and money retraining them on the Aveda methodology. They come prepared already knowing product knowledge and the Aveda signature spa services.
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