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Cinta Aveda Institute, San Francisco

San Francisco Downtown

305 Kearny Street [at Bush]
San Francisco, CA 94108

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Cinta Aveda Institute, San Jose

San Jose Downtown

111 West St. John Street
San Jose, CA 95113

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Cinta Aveda Institute in partnership with MUD Make-up Designory is committed to meeting the ever-growing demand for quality make-up education. If you are interested in make-up for the entertainment, fashion, bridal, or salon industry, or are hoping to build your professional skills with a continuing education course, our MUD partnership provides a rigorous education in a vibrant learning environment.

Classes blend lectures and demonstrations with lab work and assignments, to take students from research and casting to a professional photoshoot. Choose from comprehensive make-up programs designed to give students a foundation in their areas of interest, or hone your skills with a continuing education course.

The Certificate Program is a comprehensive, in-depth make-up artistry-training program. By offering professional instruction in all areas of make-up artistry, we prepare the students to be able to accept work in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical, and more. In addition, the duration of the Program is specifically designed to allow the students to quickly launch their career.

Advanced Make-up Training MUD Certificate Issued

Beauty Essentials - Woman and Plant

Beauty Essentials 84 Hours

This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this multi-faceted industry.

In this course you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours, and highlights, and focus on the eyes and lips.

The course finishes with complete make-up applications ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up.

Airbrush - Applying Make-up with an Airbrush

Airbrush Make-up 35 Hours

In this course, we demystify the tool and show how to properly care for and maintain it. In addition, we teach the techniques to do beautiful, flawless beauty make-up. Learn the techniques that are being required by the major studios as well as demanding clients.

Woman Looks Out Window

Bridal Make-up 21 Hours

Learn the techniques used to do a successful consultation with a bride and family members. We will focus on the lucrative world of wedding make-up and what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up business.

MUD Certification

  • Tuition Fee $2,150
  • Kit $1,800
  • Total $3,950

Part-time Evening Advanced Make-up Training

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  • Beauty Essentials Kit
  • Airbrush Kit
  • Bridal Kit

Cinta Aveda Institute loves to pair professional products with quality education—each course comes with a tool kit to help build your professional supplies. Inside your kit, you will find MUD products and course materials.

Make-up ToolMake-up ToolMake-up ToolMake-up ToolMake-up ToolMake-up Tool

Want to learn more about our MUD Make-up Designory programs? Call or text (415) 496-4787 or fill out the contact form above.