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Skin Care or Makeup Artist

Start your career as a skin care specialist or makeup artist today.

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What will you be when you graduate?

Aveda makeup
  • Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Product Sales Representative
  • Salon/Spa Manager
  • Salon/Spa Owner
  • Esthetics Instructor
  • State Board Member or Inspector
  • Educational Director for a Product Manufacturer
  • Consultant/Trainer
  • Paramedical Esthetician
  • Freelance Makeup Artist
  • Makeup Artist for Film, Theater, Fashion or Print

Skin Care Training—What You Will Learn

The fundamentals of dermanalysis, facial manipulations and equipment and plant aromaology™. You will study the related sciences of anatomy and histology, along with state safety requirements. Combining theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, this course puts you on your way to a successful career in skin care.

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Cinta Aveda will help you apply your knowledge through clinic experiences while you increase your understanding in the classroom. You’ll refine your skills and gain the expertise required to meet Aveda Institute’s skin care and makeup service standards and state safety requirements.

You will gain insight on real-world strategies to get the job of your dreams, from interviewing to resume writing and beyond. Fine-tune your accuracy, concentration and speed.

At this point, you’ll have the competency required for the skill certification examination, as well as the theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the written examination required by Cinta Aveda Institute and the State of California for licensure. Now you’re ready to turn your skin care training into a career!

Want to learn more about our Esthetics program? Give us a call at (415) 989-4400 ext. 1 or fill out the contact form below.

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Aveda Products contain natural ingredients.
Aveda Products contain natural ingredients.

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