• Aveda Education is all about you — your passion, creativity, and business excellence. We believe in inspiring you to integrate fashion, beauty, and wellness into your life.

    David Adams Global Technical Director, Aveda

  • In my experience, the Aveda Institute graduates are far better prepared for the salon environment. They come to the salon with a high level of confidence, outstanding customer service skills and extensive product knowledge already in place.

    Charlene Stratton Owner, Artbeat Salon & Gallery

  • Hiring students from the Aveda Institute makes it easier on me as an owner because I don’t have to spend as much time, energy and money retraining them on the Aveda methodology. They come prepared already knowing product knowledge and the Aveda signature spa services.

    Marjorie Livingstone Owner, Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa

  • I like to hire students from the Aveda Institue because they are so much more ahead of the game than students from other schools. They are light years ahead in knowledge and cutting technique. They’re able to go out and make a difference right away as opposed to training with someone else first. They have a very strong grasp on the Aveda methodology.

    Riccardo Santoro Owner, Varuna SalonSpa

  • I was very scared to go to school because English is not my first language. But when I came to visit Cinta Aveda I felt encouraged because of the amount of hands on learning, vast resource tools available, and amazing learning facility. While the techniques I learned were very advanced they were presented in a way that was easy to learn. Teachers are approachable and always available for additional help. I enjoyed the additional focus that was paid to professional skills, as well as getting to learn and use the Aveda products, and participate in a multitude of additional activities, like fashions shows, environmental events, etc. I feel I have obtained a high quality education that is the perfect start to my career in the Beauty Industry!

    Mariza Cardema Graduate, Cinta Aveda Institute

  • The Aveda Institute not only has made available the highest quality, professional salon education for my daughter; they have provided her with mentors, role models and a direction for her future. She is very excited about learning and becoming successful in her career and life!

    Lynn O’Connor Parent, Cinta Aveda Institute

  • Graduating from the Aveda Institute is one of my best accomplishments. Dealing with my clients one-on-one in a salon environment prepared me to be the professional I am today. I am so proud when my clients tell me that I really understand and can create the look they love. Being a hairstylist is so much fun.

    Hannah Toban Graduate, Cinta Aveda Institute

  • If you are interested in an Esthetics or Cosmetology career, look no further! I have done the research for you! You will receive the best education possible at the Cinta Aveda Institute!

    Julaine Moore Graduate, Cinta Aveda Institute